Cotton Silk Wrap Honey Amber

A mix of Osage and Cochineal natural dyes made a honey amber color on this silk cotton wrap.  The fabric has a check pattern which plays with light.  The cotton yarn gives a matte look, while the silk reflects a soft glow.   Wear this to the office, out to dinner,  casual or resort wear.  The honey amber color looks great with cream, white and navy.    Washable, soft and comfortable.

Dimensions:  72″ Long without the Fringe, 20″ Wide

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I dyed this silk cotton blend wrap with a mix of cochineal and Osage natural dyes to create a soft honey amber color.  The check weave adds textures because of the  silk and cotton yarns take up the dye differently.  The result is that the cotton give a matte look, the silk gives a soft sheen.

This soft neutral color looks good on deeper skin tones.  Wear it with navy, and cream.    Soft and comfortable, the wrap and can be crinkled washed.

The wrap is long and wide.  It’s length allows you to tie it to create different styles.   You can wear it with jeans, to work, or out to dinner.   Wear it as a wrap to weddings or pack it for your cruise.

Care: Wash it in a gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water.  Hang to dry.  If you want to iron it for a smoother look, use a silk setting.

Dimensions:  72″ Long without the Fringe, 20″ Wide

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