Kimono Scarf Vintage Silk Fall Leaves

Tiny leaves in gold, yellow and tan cluster against a woven silk background on this kimono scarf.  Made from vintage silk, it is a medium weight and has a great drape.  Soft, comfortable, a great scarf for transition into the fall.

Dimensions: 67″ Long, 6″ wide

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This kimono scarf is made from vintage silk that has a woven textured background.   Tiny leaves in shades of gold, yellow and tan are clustered and cheerful.    Made from it  a medium weight silk from the 1970’s, it  has a great drape.   I added a rust colored silk cuff with printed chrysanthemums to finish each end.

This is a great scarf for those transitional days in the fall.  Late August, early September, when the air begins to get cool and light fades quicker from the sky.  The silk scarf can be worn all winter to accessorize your wardrobe.

A timeless and classic design, wear it out for evenings or to the office.   This kimono scarf can be tied in several ways to expand your wardrobe.

I always wash my silk kimono fabrics twice before ironing them. You can care for them easily in your home.  Just put on a delicate cycle in a front loading washer, or hand wash in warm water.  You can roll it in a towel and hang to dry, and iron on a silk setting.


Dimensions:67″ Long, 6″ wide

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