Prairie Point Apron

Prairie point apron, wearable art by Rayela Art.

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I made this apron several years ago and wanted to do a whole series of aprons as wearable art, but it still hasn’t happened. The fabrics came from several fancy dresses that had once belonged to bride and bridesmaids. I assume they are some satin based synthetic.

Prairie points (the triangles) are normally used in quilting as a trim. They are usually small and petite. I like textures and used them to create almost a scale effect. Prairie points are made by taking a square piece of fabric, folding in half then half again and then bringing the ends to the middle and sewing it down. The little round details are batiked cotton yo-yos. Small soapstone beads have been tacked down all over the place.

The back is a crimson brocade which contrasts nicely with the front. The sashes are made from vintage sari fabric, also synthetic.

This can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses. It’s thick and hangs nicely and should fit almost anybody. It would look great as an accent for a special event!

Front panel is around 19″ square. There are quite a few photos, so click on the arrow to see the ones that are hidden.


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