“Coco” – A Paper Cuff

A paper cuff embellished with coconut discs and soapstone beads.

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I named this cuff “Coco” because the brown beads are coconut adorned with small soapstone beads. It is angled and looks great on the wrist.

I used to have four big dogs and we went through a lot of dogfood bags. I always felt bad about the waste. Back then, most bags had three layers of paper: an inner waxy one which I tossed, a heavy Kraft paper lining which I used for shipping and an outer layer that was thinner and easy to fold. The outer layer is what I used for this bag.

This technique became famous in the 50’s as prisoner art using cigarette packages. Some people might remember making candy wrapper bracelets when they were young. A rectangular piece of paper is folded to the middle longwise, then folded in half again. The ends are tucked in and then the pieces lock into each other. You can make a long string this way but to create a vessel or build sides, you have to sew them together using dental floss.

The cuff is about 10″ in diameter, for smaller wrists or hands.


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