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La Sirena Reyna del Mar by Calaveras Art - Jose Gabriel Lopez - Austin, Texas
La Sirena Reyna del Mar by Calaveras Art – Jose Gabriel Lopez – Austin, Texas

The Sea Maid

To where I watch on the yellow sands,
and they pluck sweet music with sea-cold hands.
They bring me coral and amber clear.
But when the stars in heaven appear,
their music ceases, they glide away.
They swim for their grottos across the bay.
Then listen only to my shrill tune,
the surfy tide, and the wondering moon.

– William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream



Honoring the past, we use familiar tools to innovate and look to the future. A world that embraces handmade also cares about sustainability, quality of life and beauty.

Artizan Made connects our shop members to a community that shares a passion for the techniques and training that inform the best of handmade.

Our Market links member products to their shops on Etsy, their own sites, or they may use our own shopping cart.



All of our members have been vetted based on talent and professionalism.

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Located in Paducah, Kentucky, USA, with an International membership.


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Handmade Beach Totes by MayaMam Weavers - Guatemala
Handmade Beach Totes by MayaMam Weavers – Guatemala


“The beauty and mystery of the ocean, fills our lives with wonders, vast beyond our imagination.”
― M. L. Borges


From Our Market:  Beach, Resort, Water

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Elements: Beach, Resort, Water

Have you explored our Market?  We have the regular categories that you would expect to see in a handmade market that have a specific function in our homes or in our closet. Then, we have categories that have an established niche and are collected or supported because of that interest. (Fair Trade, Tribal Art, Weddings,…

Floral Category: Blooms of Beauty

Flowers have been a favorite motif ever since humans started decorating surfaces. Archeologists have found pottery, wooden carvings, woven remnants, and jewelry with ancient floral designs. And, why not? Once humans went beyond the function of something they made, they felt compelled to decorate it. This eventually became stylized into a language of its own…

A Love Affair with Clay: Challenges and Victories

“We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”  -Isaiah 64:8 (from the Bible) I’ve always liked this verse from the Bible and after working with clay, it took on new meaning. Even though a potter does make choices about the form, clay body, function, glazes, etc, the…

Birds and Wings Category: Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here and when I walk outside, the song birds are in full throttle! It's such a joy to hear them and watch them. I have a couple of feeder areas and love seeing who comes!  We have a category in our Marketplace for "Birds and Wings" which includes insects, bats, angels and anything…

The Heart as a Symbol of Love

I was thinking about the heart shape, wondering how it became the symbol for love. Clearly, the physical heart must have inspired poetry, ballads, and stories for thousands of years because of how it pounds in our chests when we think of the beloved, hold a child, face an enemy, take a risk or engage…

Handmade Gifts for $30 and Under

“Living well is an art that can be developed: a love of life and ability to take great pleasure from small offerings and assurance that the world owes you nothing and that every gift is exactly that, a gift. ” ― Maya Angelou   Click on the photos to visit our member websites.   It's…

Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Ornaments from Around the World

Decorating for the holidays is a huge deal for many people, with many bringing out treasures that have been handed down for generations. Ornaments and stocking stuffers can be great small gifts that delight young and old. But, just because something might be small in size, it doesn't mean that it is necessarily "cheap". The…

Gift Guide: Scarves and Shawls

As the cold weather blows through the Northern Hemisphere, we pull out our scarves, shawls and warm clothing. Some of it is practical, a barrier against cool temps, but a lot of it is also fun. There are two reasons I like Fall and Winter: I can wear my woolens (and other favorites) and I…

Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Jewelry

Is the desire for adornment an innate human drive? Most cultures seem to express their identities through their clothing, jewelry and hair styles, often messaging to the public their roles in society with what they wear. They might signal marital status, wealth, professions, cultural identity, and even subcultures born out of rebellion against those same…

Laura Lee Burch Needle Felt
Laura Lee Burch Needle Felt



“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”
― Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories